BYNA Radio ReUnion Roadmap – July 8, 2017

ReUnion Roadmap goes back east leaving the state of Washington to interview Allan and Chris Talbert from Mountain City, Georgia.  What is it like to have a home fellowship? What are the challenges? Hear answers to these questions and more as we continue to get to know the people in the emerging House of Joseph in North America.  As we are getting familiar with our diversity as a family, we also get to hear the diversity of music offered to us, be blessed as you hear classically influenced music from the House of Aaron in Eskdale, Utah.   Law and freedom how does that balance itself for those pursuing Torah?  Hear a challenging midrash as BYNA elders David Jones and Barry Phillips continue to tackle difficult topics.   What is the National Shabbat & its history?  Hear the National Shabbat explained.  BYNA elder Barry Phillips and Tzefanyah Pappas close out the program to further convey the mission and vision of B’ney Yosef North America.