BYNA Radio ReUnion Roadmap – July 16, 2017

ReUnion Roadmap heads to down to Florida to interview Beebee and Renee Stevens.  Learn about their auspicious beginnings in a small little church in an obscure location 40 minutes South of Tallahassee and how Pastor Mike Clayton (now known as Mikell Clayton, Founder and President of Joined to HaShem Ministries – turned their lives upside down after returning from a trip to Israel.  Their lives portray a life of obedience and faith that will inspire us all.   We travel to Kentucky to enjoy inspired songs “I Will Wait” and “Hide Me Lord” from the album “Shadows” brought to us by Miriam Houtz available at  In this week’s Midrash, faith and presumption are discussed.  Can we presume upon the God of Israel when we think we are acting in faith?  Elders David Jones and Barry Phillips tackle a very difficult topic.