BYNA Radio – ReUnion Roadmap – July 29, 2017


This week’s broadcast will really tug at your heartstrings.  The interview will be 2 parts (Part 1 this week & Part 2 next week) in order for Kenny and Renee Smith to adequately share their story.  In this interview, Kenny and Renee share about how the mighty hand of God has been at work in their lives and the lives of their late son Yoshiyah.  Hear how Exodus Road Band ( played a role in reaching out to them.   Be moved further as you hear the Exodus Road Band song “Halleluyah” in this context from the album “Heart of the Matter”.   Pertinent to the interview, hear Barry Phillips and David Jones (BYNA Elders) tackle a midrash many would be reluctant to discuss, “Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People.”    Later, we hear a Solomon O. Lopez song “Stranger” from the album “Born at Home Sessions Vol. 1” (for more information go to or