BYNA Radio – ReUnion Roadmap – August 5, 2017

This week’s broadcast will continue to tug at your heartstrings.  Listen to part 2 of the interview with Kenny and Renee Smith.  In Part 2, Kenny and Renee continue to share how Abba Father has continued to work in their lives despite trying circumstances and how the aspect of community life is what sustains us all.   In context, hear the Exodus Road Band and the song “Heart of the Matter” from the album “Heart of the Matter” (   Pertinent to the interview, hear Barry Phillips and David Jones (BYNA Elders) continue to tackle a similar theme to last weeks midrash.  Dying to self is the answer to resurrection life.  Our lives are about ordinary people walking in extraordinary exploits for the Kingdom.  We don’t always have the answers but we can all be comforted that our Heavenly Father does. Later, we hear a Solomon O. Lopez song “Return” from the album “Born at Home Sessions Vol. 1” (for more information go to or