BYNA Radio – ReUnion Roadmap – August 12, 2017

At B’ney Yosef North America, it is all about being genuine.  You’ve heard it in all our interviews to date, and you will hear it again in this interview with Jesse and Amy Jury.  Hear Jesse share a very significant vision he recently had.  Take the time to ponder the message that the Father is trying to relate to each of us through this vision (see   Enjoy Will Spires singing “Full Scale War” from the album “The Beauty of Holiness” (music available at  Context. Context. Context.  BYNA Elders David Jones and Frank Houtz discuss this very issue. Frank shares a marvelous example (with insight regarding the House of Hillel vs. the House of Shammai) of how context is absolutely necessary in order to rightly divide the Word.  Transport yourself home through the odyssey of “Man of Constant Worship” which will bless your soul by Exodus Road Band (