BYNA – ReUnion Roadmap – Sept 30, 2017

On this week’s ReUnion Roadmap we go to South Carolina to learn about Nick and Courtney Rebovich’s story of becoming Torah awakened believers in Yeshua. It is a story for all of us to learn from.  To hear about a fellowship coming together in love and refraining from entertaining the arguments that divide us is truly refreshing.  And speaking of refreshing, many of you will enjoy the refreshing music of Melody Joy as she shares with us 2 songs (“Lift Up Your Hands” and the “New Jerusalem”) from her album “The Beginning” available on  Extending grace to others is a lesson for all of us.  This week’s midrash BYNA Elders David Jones and Barry Phillips tackle this important lesson and help us to understand the importance of giving to others that which we have received.  The Most High has shown great compassion toward us in extending His grace, how much more grace will we receive from The Most High if we fail to reach out and extend that grace to others?