BYNA – ReUnion Roadmap – Oct. 21, 2017

This week’s ReUnion Roadmap heads to the Midwest for the first time to the big city of Chicago, Illinois to interview Anisa Baker.  Anisa Baker has been a faithful supporter with BYNA, and BYNA has been a beneficiary of her editorial skills.  Anisa has a passion for the Land of Israel!  Be encouraged as you hear how the Holy One of Israel has lead her to embrace her Israelite heritage.  Enjoy the music of Melody Joy and the songs “Out of the Wilderness” and  “Hope” from her album “Awakening” available on  This week’s midrash BYNA Elders Barry Phillips and Frank Houtz discuss Psalm 51:17, a Psalm of David and how without brokenness there is no maturity.  Frank and Barry go on to discuss Abba’s partnership that we have with Him as repairers of the world.  It comes at a cost and requires brokenness and an openness to be repaired by Him before we can help others.  In all this, we benefit from a deeper relationship with our Heavenly Father.