BYNA – ReUnion Roadmap – November 25, 2017

This week’s ReUnion Roadmap leaves off with an interesting story.  Part 2 of our interview with John and Kelly Ferrari Mills left off with Kelly sharing a conversation she had with an Israeli woman while in Israel.  This woman wanted to know what non-Jews do during Yom Kippur while in Israel.  It was clear from Kelly this was an appointment from the Father.  You will be blessed by the answer Kelly gives.   The rest of the story will be uplifting for all of us!  Each interview always brings us to an interesting conclusion filled with wisdom that helps us to understand better the transition from embracing Messiah to walking the path of Torah with Him guiding the way.   Hear the music Kelly Ferarri Mills singing “Song of Ruth” and from the album “Simple Songs in Scripture” and “Yeshua my Redeemer” from the album “Covenant with Israel” available at   BYNA Elders David Jones and Barry Phillips midrash about dreams.   This is a message of hope that the Holy One of Israel wants to speak to us.  How do we position ourselves to listen to the Most High?   Listen to this week’s midrash to gain insight.