BYNA – ReUnion Roadmap – December 16, 2017

This week’s ReUnion Roadmap goes to the Metro Atlanta area to interview Scott Nickerson.  Scott is a familiar face to  BYNA.  He is a member of the Communications Committee and assists with editing as well as being actively involved in the BYNA National Shabbat in North Georgia.  This will be part-1 of a 2-part interview.   There several aspects to this interview that ring familiar with listeners.  Many times Abba weaves a common thread that we all can relate to throughout our lives.   Yet, this tapestry is unique and filled with diversity creating a beautiful garment of Abba’s making.  Enjoy the music of Solomon Lopez and the song “Am Yisrael Chai” from “Born At Home Sessions”, Vol. 1 (available at as well a song by Miriam Houtz called “Holy Redeemer” from the album “Shadows” available at   BYNA Elders David Jones and Barry Phillips midrash on a topic relevant to this Hanukkah season.   This midrash is about victory.  What sacrifices did the Maccabees have to face to get there?  How do we, personally, get there?  Like the Maccabees, have we dusted and cleaned every corner of our Temple in order to re-dedicate ourselves?  Rest assured there are many small skirmishes along the way that prepare us for the bigger battles.