BYNA ReUnion Roadmap – January 6, 2018

This week’s interview portion of ReUnion Roadmap will be a little bit different as we interview  Pete Rambo, Operations Director, and Al McCarn, Executive Director of BYNA’s Administrative Council.  This will be part 1 of a 2-part interview as Pete and Al share in depth about their new book “Ten Parts in the KIng” (  Peter and Al go into detail how the book came about and give us a sneak preview of what the book is about.   Enjoy the music of Jimmie Black and the song “Deliver Us” and the title track “Merciful” from his album “Merciful” available at   Our midrash portion will be a continuation of last week where BYNA Elders Barry Phillips and Frank Houtz clarify the terms salvation and righteousness.    Barry and Frank’s discussion does an excellent job of clearing up the common misunderstanding that occurs in dealing with these terms.