ReUnion Roadmap – August 4, 2018

ReUnion Roadmap for August 4th goes to Israel to interview Ephraim and Rimona Frank.  This interview is more of a discussion on family.  First, Rimona gives us a deeper look into the Hebrew word mishpachah. In addition, Ephraim and Rimona share some insights that will challenge us as we prepare for the 40 days of repentance leading to the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur).   Will Spires blesses us with the first song selection “Dance for Yeshua” from the album “Seeds” available at  In addition, we are blessed to hear Kelly Ferrari Mills sing our second musical selection entitled “Pray for the Peace” from the album “Simple Songs of Scripture” available at  The midrash portion of ReUnion Roadmap BYNA Elders David Jones and Barry Phillips discuss Isaiah 49:14-16.  David and Barry exhort to remember that Abba Father will not forget us despite our what appears to be hopeless circumstances.

ReUnion Roadmap 180804