2018 40 Days of Repentance – Day 30

Brothers, I, for my part, do not think of myself as having yet gotten hold of it; but one thing I do: forgetting what is behind me and straining forward toward what lies ahead, 14 I keep pursuing the goal in order to win the prize offered by God’s upward calling in the Messiah Yeshua. 15 Therefore, as many of us as are mature, let us keep paying attention to this; and if you are differently minded about anything, God will also reveal this to you. 16 Only let our conduct fit the level we have already reached.  Philippians 3:13-16

Looking Back, Looking Forward, or Both?

During these 40 days of preparation for Yom Kippur we are supposed to be examining our hearts with the purpose of being ready to stand before our King. Part of the readiness is understanding that we cannot possibly ever be truly ready to stand before Him. We understand that we fall short of the goal. I do not desire to focus on that aspect of our introspection today.

I would like to bring the focus of our minds to the goodness of the loving King that we serve and that even though we fall short, He is merciful and gracious. Too often when we look back we can’t get our eyes off of our mistakes. We can also go the other route and start desiring an “easier life” full of leeks and garlic and fish (insert Exodus reference here, LOL.)

At times we need to look back to where we came from, but that’s the point. We are no longer at a place in the past and in order to live fully and move forward we must keep our eyes toward the goal. Look back if you must, see how far the Father has brought you and be thankful for that. However, turn your gaze heavenward and keep moving forward into the Father’s arms. There we will find joy, peace, and life everlasting.


Dr David E Jones PhD


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