2018 40 Days of Repentance – Day 34


The Last Days Great Deception or
The last Days Great Revelation

Satan means destroyer, or accuser. Hence, HaSatan would mean the destroyer, or the accuser.  It could be stated that he is personified as one individual, or it could be a destructive force, spirit or collection of beings. Whatever Satan is physically does not detract from the essence of him.  He, it, or they are destructive in nature. Satan accuses and destroys.

I was once asked to speak about what I believed to be the coming last days great deception. I was very hesitant to discuss my thoughts on this since the group I was asked to speak to was closely connected to the deception I thought was coming. I wasn’t really thinking they were it, but my statements could be construed as such. It became a delicate walk.

New information always leaves us with a choice as to how we receive the information. People often first think you can either accept or reject the information. This is a simplistic way to think about any topic. Accepting and rejecting are not the only options. To suggest a couple of more options, how about accepting it and bearing good fruit or accepting it and bearing bad fruit. Also, one could reject it and bear good fruit or reject it and bear bad fruit. These four possibilities can also apply to information that we already know. Truly our reaction to information or the situations we find ourselves in are what makes something good or bad. God could give us a great gift, but when handled wrongly, it could manifest a great evil.

The message of the Hebrew Roots Movement / Messianic Movement is one of those possible great blessings from God that could turn into the great deception of the end times. It could also manifest itself as a great revelation. Be a fruit inspector and you will likely save yourself from a great deal of deception. What has this information produced in your life and those around you?

I have heard many speak of how horrible “The Church” is and how they have misrepresented many things. I have even heard preachers referred to as liars and Christian festivals and practices called pagan. Does this sound like accusation? Who is the accuser? Maybe he is the source of such accusations. I have heard people proudly present their views as superior to their Christian predecessors. What is the source of pride, God or HaSatan? I know of many groups who will not associate with any church or even Messianics who teach a doctrine differently. I see teachers who shun those in their congregations who disagree with them. This destroys unity, divides fellowships, separates Messianics from their Christian heritage and is very destructive. This is done in the name of being very correct. If this continues, the movement will self-destruct and its truth will be lost for another time. God will reveal what He desires, but He won’t use a people to bring about His plans when they react in a destructive manner.

If our teachings are the last days great revelation, it will bring tremendous joy, excitement, righteousness and wisdom. Yet if it produces division, name calling, pride, arrogance, vying for position, and accusations, it will become the last days great deception. I have seen so much joy, revelation, excitement, righteousness and wisdom in this movement, while other people have manifested a controlling spirit that divides and conquers. The difference between the last days great revelation or deception depends on you and your reaction. If your beliefs draw people together, bring them closer to God, inspire humility, share wisdom, make people more loving, more inviting, more accepting and draw them to God, then it is revelation. If they divide, accuse, destroy, build pride, spread false information mixed in with the truth, then the source is HaSatan. The choice is yours as to how you react to this information. Check your fruit and see if you are a part of the last days great revelation or the last days great deception. If it’s the later, the time for repentance is now.

Frank Houtz, Dry Bones Restoration Company© 2018


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