40 Days of Repentance – Day 40

Creator of Heaven and Earth we give you thanks for your Living Word, a mountain spring of fresh crisp water, that brings revelation and revival to our inner most being.

Your Living Word provides us instruction and boundaries for designing a life of abundant blessings.

We understand walking outside these boundaries results in a life of curses according to Deuteronomy 28.

Thank you Mighty One Of Israel for the ability to repent when You show us areas of our lives that are outside your boundaries for blessings.

Thank you for BYNA and the articles we have read during these 40 days that has encouraged us to spend time reflecting on areas of our life that needs self correction.

As we rise each day moving forward in the tasks and responsibilities you place before us, may we always be mindful to take all matters before You to inquire how You would have us proceed.

Forgive us for speaking and acting before inquiring of You for your guidance and protocol before proceeding.

Your Name is great and greatly to be praised!

Mark and Polly Webb


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