ReUnion Roadmap – Nov. 10, 2018

This week’s ReUnion Roadmap we go back to the state of Ohio and listen to part 2 of our interview with Laura Densmore.   In this interview, Laura continues to share about Bridge Connector Ministries and how to build instead of burn bridges with others. Laura also exhorts listeners to check out   Featured songs include the song “Your Life” by Will Spires from his album “The Beauty of Holiness” available at, and the song “Rebuild” by Solomon Lopez from the album “Born at Home Sessions Vol. 1” available at   During this midrash portion, Elders David Jones and Barry Phillips discuss a topic entitled “Blessing” drawing partly from the passage where Jacob receives a blessing from his father Isaac.   What really does blessing entail from a Biblical perspective?  This discussion brings up some interesting questions for all of us to ponder.