ReUnion Roadmap – Dec. 22, 2018

This week’s ReUnion Roadmap is another 2-part interview. We go to Ellijay, GA to interview Justin and Laura McCullough. Justin and Laura share about the Resolution of Apology meeting held this past December 2 in Woodstock, GA. Have we done enough to repent of the wrongs we have done against First Nations people? Justin and Laura share about this meeting and how the State of Georgia can help to make a difference. We are blessed to share with you 2 songs from Chief Joseph and Dr. Laralyn Riverwinds (The Blessed Blend) “Guide Me Yehowah” from the album “Journey Through the Mist” and “Morning Star Round Dance” from the album “Tribal Thunder” available from or The midrash portion of ReUnion Roadmap, BYNA Elders David Jones and Barry Phillips discuss the Torah portion Vayechi which concludes the story of Joseph and his father Jacob’s blessing over Ephraim and Menashe as well as Jacob’s other sons. Why is this portion relevant to people today? Listen in to glean the nuggets shared by David and Barry.