ReUnion Roadmap – Feb. 23, 2019

The interview portion of this week’s ReUnion Roadmap goes to Greenville, SC to interview Dillon Litchfield. Our twenty and thirty something listeners will be able to relate to our guest as he is in that age category. Be blessed and listen as Dillon shares from his heart how the Father led him into his walk in Torah and how he recently started a Youtube channel The music portion of ReUnion Roadmap features Miriam Houtz singing “I Will Wait” from her album “Shadows” available at, and Will Spires singing “Yehovah” from his album “The Beauty of Holiness” available at In the midrash portion of ReUnion Roadmap, BYNA Elders David Jones and Barry Phillips discuss the incident of the golden calf. Sometimes we can all be guilty of creating in our own mind what we think God wants us to do. The golden calf episode reminds us that we all can create “golden calves” of ideas and call them YHVH.