Reunion Roadmap – June 8, 2019

Are you ready for a theological discussion? That’s just one piece of this visit with Pastor Doug Hamp of The Way Congregation in Denver, Colorado. We would expect a man who taught Dispensational Theology to talk about it in the context of a Hebraic understanding of Scripture! That’s a key element in Doug’s testimony, which we shares in this second part in our three-part interview with him. We also have music from Gregory Brown and Will Spires, and the first of a two-part midrash from Barry Phillips and David Jones that asks, “Where is our true home?”

To learn more about the topics discussed in this show, visit The Way Congregation at You can also learn more at Doug’s website,, and at Doug Krieger’s site, Commonwealth Theology (

There is still time to register for the One in Messiah Convocation, Doug’s congregation will be hosting in Denver, July 18-20. Visit the event website at

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