40 Days of Repentance 2019 – Day 13
Monkeys In Caps and Gowns

Our family had an occasion of great note a year or so ago as my grandson Gavin, at that time almost 5, graduated from Pre-School with all the Pomp and Circumstance expected from such grand achievement. We were amazed at the group’s recounting of the months of the year and days of the week. We were enthralled at their version of ABC’s, complete with sound effects and character attachments for each letter. These cap and gown clad scholars were individually recognized for their classroom accomplishments and their social contributions, awarded with a certificate and a stuffed animal. Cell phones filled any void of space available to catch the momentous occasion while parents and grandparents wept and cheered.

While the adults filed by tables lined with food for the “Graduation Picnic,” held indoors, kids squealed and bounced down a blow up slide. Someone thought it necessary to also bring out a ride involving a waist high car ramp complete with one yellow car. The car is placed at the top of the ramp, a child is loaded into the vehicle and a parent gives an easy push, allowing the yellow roadster to swiftly descend the ramp and roll with a laughing passenger across the room. The blow up slide became a “been there, done that device” and the line now formed at the car ramp. A couple of dads gave appropriate supervision and all seemed to be well and fun.

While munching on my chicken nuggets and fruit, my hearing was filled with the sounds of discontent and fierce debate. I looked up to see that the dads had vacated the ride in favor of the picnic, and now the children were running things for themselves. The car still traveled down the ramp giving one a thrill while others pushed, shoved, and cried for the next turn. I was sure that one little fellow was going to step in front of the descending vehicle and get run over. I turned to my son-in-law and surmised, “The monkeys are in charge of the zoo!”

Imagine with me the momentous occasion of Yeshua’s ascension. The Messiah Who had walked among us in bold power, exercising authority to teach the Kingdom and to cast out demons, now is taken from our sight. In His physical absence, mere mortals are left in charge of what Yeshua had fulfilled from the Prophet’s words and established by teaching proper understanding of Torah. Would this work stand as a fortress against the ages or fall like a house of cards?

How could Yeshua entrust His completed labors to the hands of fallible corruptible men, knowing our propensity toward selfish gain and ruthless religious schemes?

What prevents the monkeys from running the zoo, leaving us without proper supervision and the children of the Kingdom getting run over?

I recall a statement someone made to me years ago concerning this very same plight. Their words were “I would not want to live in a Torah-based society totally administrated by men.” Though the Torah is the ideal constitution for a righteous social structure, given solely into the governing hands of mere men, one might very well live in fear. Torah without mercy, without purity of heart, without the sole purpose of honoring the Creator Who gave it, becomes a religious code whereby a few judge the most according to their interpretation of letters, jots, and tittles. Their caps and gowns, glowing recitations of feast days and correct Moshe quotations do not prevent these men of graduate esteem from pushing and shoving to be first in line.

Lest we judge those seeking Torah ideals too harshly, let us also be aware that those who lead solely by the winds of the Spirit, floating one lofty “Word of Wisdom” after another “Word of Knowledge” or Prophecy can cause just as much pushing, shoving, and crying. Yeshua did indeed say, “But you shall receive power when the Set Apart Spirit has come upon you…” [Acts 1:8, The Scriptures 2009]. He did say, “But the Helper, the Set Apart Spirit whom the Father shall send in My Name, He shall teach you all, and remind you of all that I said to you.” [Yochanan 14:26, The Scriptures 2009]. However, these words of Yeshua were given to men whom He had personally trained in understanding of the Torah. They had a solid Torah foundation upon which to operate in the gifting and enabling of the Ruach haKodesh/Holy Spirit.

This is our key to proper balance. The Spirit applies the Torah to our hearts. The Torah determines the Spirit’s legitimate leading of our walk. The Ruach or Spirit was never intended to be separated from or superior to the Torah. The Torah was never intended to be embraced without the Ruach’s application or enabling. This is what keeps the monkeys out of leadership and allows mere men who are yet moved on by the power of the Ruach to use the Torah appropriately, continuing the work of Yeshua, and granting all His children a chance at the ride of a lifetime.

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