40 Days of Repentance 2019 – Day 16
Grateful for Life

I am on my way to sleep but my heart is so full I can’t shut my eyes yet. I am contemplating the last few days I have spent here in Nashville with friends and family. What a gift it has been for me to be able to travel here to be with them.

I wasn’t sure I would make it to this time in my life. I wasn’t sure I would live to get my sons raised, to see them both married, to see my grandchildren. But I have.

God has gifted me with extra time. Time I was not entitled to but gifted nevertheless.

Last week a 28 year old mother named Sophie and her 35 year old husband Rodrigo along with their 2 month old son were killed in a traffic accident in Israel. It was not their fault. Their car was crushed by a truck that barreled into them when they were parked safely on the side of the road so she could breastfeed her baby.

Their two year old daughter Ruthie miraculously survived but will have to wait till she completes her journey here to embrace her immediate family once again.

Having launched my granddaughter Allie Nicole across the veil 20 years ago this month when she was two years old I understand how quickly life can turn on a dime.

Today while we frolicked in the pool for a brief moment I imagined her with us at her now 22 years of age and wondered what she would look like and how she would be filling up the hole that was left in our family that only she could fill.

I saw her birthdate tattooed on my handsome grandsons back who was her 18 months older brother who adored her even as a small boy. He now bears the memory of her on his back in addition to his heart. Though we have lived on we have never stopped missing her. We never will.

How is it that I have been allowed to stay when others have not been given that privilege. It is one of the mysteries of life that will drive one crazy trying to figure it out. It cannot be understood only accepted.

All I can do in response to what seems so unfair is to remember. Sophie, Rodrigo their son and our sweet Allie and live my life intentionally in honor of the brevity of theirs. Making a difference as often as possible in the lives of others. Leaving a legacy of love behind for the next generation to build upon.

My heart is so sad for the family of Sophie and Rodrigo who bear the familiar pain of grief. And though they know they will see their precious ones again in eternity it does not diminish how they miss the essence of those they love that are no longer in this dimension

I have such amazing relationships here in Tennessee and those in Colorado, Alaska, Florida, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Virginia, California, and Heaven

I have love that spans space and time. I am blessed beyond what I could ever ask for or imagine

I am grateful to my Creator who is the Maker of all things good

As Bugs said to me once,” Gan Gan, God is your Super Hero and he’s my Super Hero too.”

All I can say to that is, “Out of the mouths of babes comes wisdom.”

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