40 Days of Repentance 2019 – Day 18
Taste and See

As a young person growing up, I often heard comments about taste… like, “His taste is all in his mouth,” or “Taste this! You’ll like it!”

Well, I began to think about taste, and I was reminded of the scripture in Psalms 34:9-11, “Taste and see how good Adonai is. Blessed is the one who takes refuge in Him. Fear Adonai, His kedoshim, for those who fear him lack nothing. Young lions may lack and go hungry, but those who seek Adonai want for no good thing.”

If we taste Adonai, what does that mean? Does it mean we put Him in our mouth and then spit Him out? That is not real tasting, is it?

Tasting Adonai is feeding on His word and ingesting it into our lives. Does that mean I am perfect all the time now?

Yeshua tells us to be perfect as He is perfect. I think that means being willing to die to ourselves on a daily basis.

Yeshua tasted death so we could live. Hebrews 2:9 states, “ But we see one who for a little while was made lower than the angels – namely Yeshua. He is now crowned with glory and honor, because of the death he suffered so that, by the grace of Yah, he might taste death for everyone.”

Taste, and see


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