40 Days of Repentance 2019 – Day 32
The Sin of Small Things

While we seek the Father’s Face for the ability to make Teshuvah/gain repentance
during these 40 days, the sins of our actions and words may become the primary focus. Certainly we will be reminded of the things we have done or perhaps failed to do as well as the words that we have spoken that injured or grieved someone. While I stand guilty among the many for these things, I am sensing the Ruach haKodesh leading me to deal with failures in my thoughts and motivations more than anything else.

Consider with me this line of thought. Avram was called in B’reshith/Genesis 12 to come out from among his culture, family, and history to walk in a new place, taking on a new life, receiving a new inheritance. This man and his wife are still among the most honored and respected people of all time for their obedience to this call and rightly so. But, what if Avram had obediently left his past and then failed to embrace his future.

Let’s suppose for a moment that he entered into the Land, Eretz Yisrael, but never did anything proactive as far as engaging those around him in order to influence their understanding of Who Yah is. He might have simply entered into the territory and sat there, missing his opportunities and failing to grasp the grand plan of Yah for him and his family. Thankfully, he rose to the occasion, influencing peoples, challenging rulers, and receiving the Covenant of Redemption that has continued into our own day.

One year ago this month, August of 2018, I clearly heard Yah speak to me saying, “Barry, you need to open up your mind and think bigger than you’ve been thinking. There are BIG things that I want to do through you but you are thinking too small for Me to do them. Think BIGGER so that I can do what I want to do through you.” Where I thought I was walking humbly as a servant before Him, counting my lack and small returns to be the result of servant heartedness and sacrifice He was seeing that I was limiting His work through me. I had heard others encourage me from Zechariah 4:10 about not despising the days of small things. I had assumed that my assigned lot in life was to have a limited scope of influence. I was trying to be faithful in the small things so that He would make me a ruler over many. My plan wasn’t working, leaving me broke, broken, and barren. What was worse was that I was limiting and frustrating Yah’s desire and plan for Laura and me, all the while thinking that I was being

Our minds, our thinking about ourselves, our opinions of ourselves, and our imaginations all have an impact on how our Creator uses us to bring about His will and plan for us and those around us.

Consider that the entire work of Yah, His entire grand plan for all the ages is filtered through our minds and willingness to believe in Him great enough to be moved into action. If we would take the limits off of Him and began to think bigger, with greater possibility and imagine that all the power necessary to do what needs to be done, not only could be but would be able to flow through us, then His Kingdom could be made manifest in our day and with enormous explosive impact. Sometimes we have to progress from thinking that something has potential, to thinking it is probable, to believing it is possible, to then experiencing its power.

YHWH, forgive us for thinking too small, limiting Your power and ability in us. May You forgive our willingness to remain insignificant in the Earth, leaving too many without righteous influence. Awaken Your people O Yah and grant to us a renewed mind, with the ability to see what You are seeing, calling the impossible to be possible, calling weakness to become strength, calling sickness to become healing, and calling a scattered divided people to become a unified nation called Yisrael.

Barry Phillips

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