40 Days of Repentance 2019 – Day 38
In the Path of Mephibosheth

Then David asked, “Is anyone still left from the family of Saul, so that I may extend kindness to him for the sake of Jonathan?…Mephibosheth was living in Jerusalem, or he was a regular guest at the king’s table. But both his feet were crippled. 2 Shemu’el (Samuel) 9:1, 13

After the warfare between the Dynasties of Shaul and David, there was consolidation of the tribes under David’s reign. He thoroughly defeated the Philistines, brought up the Ark into Jerusalem, built a home for his family, and began to lay plans for building a Temple for Yah’s Presence. Things were going exceptionally well for him, with 8:15 stating, “And David reigned over all Yisra’el, and David was doing right-ruling and righteousness to all his people.”

But something more needed to be accomplished. He asked of the remnant of Shaul’s House, the family of the former dynasty, if there were any yet alive. This would normally be a threat to any survivor as they posed a potential claim to the throne, but David’s motivation was one of covenant; that which he had made with Yehonatan. 9:1 says, “Is there still anyone left of the house of Shau’ul, that I might show him loving-commitment, because of Yehonatan?” There was one, Mephibosheth, a son of Yehonatan, dropped as a child and rendered lame in his feet. This one was living in the home of Machir [sold] son of Ammi’el [My kinsman is El], in Lo’debar [without pasture].

Once found, this crippled man is brought to the king of another dynasty, expecting to be eradicated. He dropped his crutches and fell on his face before David, probably an awkward and possibly a painful process. Instead of hearing the “zing” of a sword being unsheathed, he hears the words of mercy and restoration, “Do not fear, for I shall certainly show you loving-commitment because of Yehonatan your father, and shall return to you all the land of Shau’ul your grandfather, and let you eat bread at my table continually.”

Like Mephibosheth, we were found in a sold condition, though we were children of Yah. We were living like sheep without pasture, of the fallen house of the first Adam, condemned, expecting nothing more than judgement. Yet the King of the superior dynasty looked for us, found us, and promised the restoration of all things lost. He brings us to His table to eat of His food, His Word continually, sustaining us by His wealth and guarding the very life that should have been taken. We are not forgotten but searched for and restored. Let us rise to live worthy of such effort, focusing our minds on being thankful and righteous stewards of what has been entrusted to us.

Barry Phillips

Elder, BYNA

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