Part of the joy in taking a vacation is changing our environment from the mundane usual scenes

of our daily lives to something fresh and worthy of exploration. The idea of a new destination causes us to drive a little faster and have an increased heartbeat of excitement for however long the journey takes.


Once the vacation has reached its end and we pack to return home, there is usually a bit of sadness that our new experience is over and the normal, usual, everyday pattern of life awaits us. We sigh deeply, begin our returning journey, while thoughts of the different scenery we’ve enjoyed plays through our minds.


Such is the substance of vision. We see an ultimate destiny of our lives, somewhere on the horizon where we will grow older, slow down our pace of things, and hopefully enjoy what we’ve built during previous years. But does vision have to be limited to the mere finality of life? If we only expect and envision a growing older until we die, then that’s all we can see and all we will receive. However, if we can change our vision, seeing a longer horizon, a more active and engaging future, and if we can see the Kingdom, the power and majesty of Y’shua being revealed in and through us, we can change the scenery of our destiny.


Avraham was told to lift his eyes and see the Land. Yirmeyahu [Jeremiah] was told to open his vision and say what he was being shown. Yeshayahu [Isaiah] was shown the throne room of the Most High. If we ask Yah to enable us to open our eyes and see a bigger, bolder, more fruitful destiny, what might we see? Are we willing to take the risk? Are we settling for something much less than what He desires for us?


Master of the Universe, Creator and Sustainer of all things, open my eyes to see what You want to show me. Grant me the courage and the yearning to run toward Your desired goals and destiny for me and those who are a part of my life.


Barry Phillips

BYNA Elder


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