There are many exciting things going on in Europe. For instance, in Northern Germany a house group is active in which a growing number of people from both houses (Judah and Ephraim) come to understand what YHVH means by biblical identity and destiny. Under the leadership of a dear brother to us, with whom we are connected, we hear that they have contact in particular with Judah, who draw closer to Yosef. It is an encouragement to this house group that the number of visitors who come and visit the house, where they meet, is growing. Testimony of the person who directs the house group:

In Finland, our beloved sister S. is regularly invited to explain to people who Ephraim is. As far as we know this has been for years. We can conclude that the good news continues to be shared.

We also hear positive reports from Portugal. The friendly Dutch family there hopes to come to the Netherlands in December and to visit us as well. We have agreed that we will do that in a weekend, when the other families are also are at our home. Then we have a kind of reunion:
We are curious to hear about their latest news.

In the Netherlands we can speak of steady progress. I was asked by Daniel Peyron to participate in a workshop during Sukkot, which had the topic “Two Houses of Israel”. Daniel Peyron and his wife are part of the Sameach family team. Daniel has written a book in which are two chapters about the two houses in the way we agree. I was asked if I wanted to write about the concept of Two Houses for this workshop and so Daniel and I presented the workshop. It was the first time I could tell in such a setting. We started with a question and then people could indicate with colored cards whether it was yes or no. We chose someone who could also give the explanation. After the introduction there was another moment and although people were given the freedom to talk back and forth, the atmosphere remained very peaceful and respectful. I wrote a report about Sukkot in the Netherlands and the workshop as well.

In addition to the family meetings at our house or in someone else’s house, Kees and I also started looking further. An idea came up to join our family group with some Christians who want to know more about Shabbat and how to observe it. Together with a friend from Curacao and who lives here, I started talking about how we are going to shape that. We are very happy that several are from other peoples. A report in Dutch about this idea which took place last shabbat:

With the family group including children of all ages, with whom Kees, Yahnathan and I regularly meet and with whom we also have contact during the week, a kind of core team has emerged, who know who they are and stand for it. They support us and we support them. We realized that since 2016 we have been going uninterrupted and that is a blessing and testimony to others.

It is common in Europe that in some other countries I haven’t mentioned house groups are [operational] and people knowing about their identity, but not active outside [in public]. It is a talent when people are busy with the identity on one hand and easy going to share to others in Europe. I have done a lot to inspire people but there are still a very few who give updates. We hope you will enjoy these updates.

Greetings to all of you,

Hadassah, Kees and Yahnatan

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