Bird’s Nest or Bee Hive? Where Do You Fit In?

By Pete Rambo, BYNA Operations Director

One of the little pleasures I enjoy each Spring and Summer on our small farm is discovering a hidden bird’s nest. This year, inside of an eye-level overturned box in our garage, a Carolina wren took up residence and over several weeks built a nest and raised four chicks. Watching her, particularly in the timeframe after the eggs hatched, was exhausting. I know she was tired!

Like all mother birds, from first light until fading ray, this year’s wren was a flurry of activity. Besides guarding the nest from several area predators, she was gathering food for herself and her chicks. Go. Come. Jamb her beak into open mouths and feed. Go. Come. Repeat. Countless times.

In addition to bird nests, I also pay some attention to the several beehives we have on our farm. Bees are amazing creatures that God instilled an incredible team-working ethic in that never ceases to captivate me. There are thousands of bees in a hive yet every single one is hatched with a particular mission (gift?) that benefits the hive and all are busy utilizing their gifts for the good of the hive. Some are guards, others scouts, and many many workers. They bustle about day and night, guided by some unseen collective thought, working together to accomplish the monumental task of storing up a couple hundred pounds of honey for Winter survival, yet most will not even partake of the storehouse before literally working themselves to death. Their consuming focus is building for the next generation.

I built our first hive and included a glass side so we could see into the hive. Many evenings that first Summer, we would take flashlights out to see what the bees did at night and every time we looked, they were hanging in intricate networks laying out and making comb or attending to many babies. My boys were surprised that we never went out there and caught them sleeping! Never!

The Body of Messiah is a large community filled with three types of people. There are mother birds, chicks and bees. What is unfortunate is that while all believers have the gifts and knowledge to be as active as bees, most prefer to function as chicks waiting on the few who perform the exhausting task of mothering, feeding and guarding everyone. This ought not be so!!

In business and in Christendom, this phenomenon is often referred to as the “80-20 Rule.” I have heard, “Pete, just get used to it. 20% of the people do 80% of the work!” Sadly, this should not be the case in the Body of Messiah, but it usually is. I have witnessed it and heard of it from many others.

Messianic circles often talk about the Greater Exodus and the future Kingdom, but most will be shocked to find that the Messiah will not be happy with the 80% who prefer to do nothing and reap the rewards. Rather than sitting in the nest expecting to be fed, we all need to be diligent as bees, using our gifting and applying ourselves to building the hive (Kingdom) for future generations.

Where do you fit? Hungry chick? Exhausted mother bird? Or, busy team-working bee?

A final thought as this regards to BYNA: Many are new to the Ephramite understanding and need feeding, but all of us quickly mature with enough understanding to begin helping with the B’ney Yosef vision. If you do not know where you fit, seek the Father and ask Elders or Executives where you might apply yourself to the monumental task of reconstituting a people!

We need bees! Lots and lots of bees!