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As we approach the seventh anniversary of the B’ney Yosef Congress that was held in Ariel, we thought you might be interested to hear how Yah is working in other areas of the globe. Here is a report from our sister Hadassah in Holland.

Since Yahnathan and I attended the first Congress B’ney Yosef National at Ariel, we began to start up some activities. The website was created with the goal to make known the revelation about Yosef/Ephraim in the Netherlands. I created two groups on social media, one for the Dutch people and one for everyone. I also started an app, first on WhatsApp and later on Telegram for those who attended one of the Congresses and serious people who liked to know more. Until this day these groups are active and up to date. I also have another website called in which I share other subjects of Torah, faith, and connections.

At the end of 2015/begin 2016, we attended the follow-up conference at Memmingen. In the year 2016, we organized a reunion in the Netherlands and delegates from BYNA, Israel, and Europe came to meet/talk and share in one weekend.

Kees and I started the B’ney Yosef Holland picnic at several locations in the Netherlands. We organized a tour for the Frank’s and for James/Liz Block.

Before the first Congress, we already were known with a home group at our place and so after the first Congress, we continued. Because of young adults who are single and teenagers, Yahnathan and I organized camping weekends for them at our place. We also organized camping weekends for families. It is always a very blessed time together. I wrote reports on Another subject on this website is Yaacov’s offspring, a series of articles with testimonies of mishpacha who shared with us about their walk to biblical identity.

Because we didn’t start a congregation, we keep in mind it is family time and family likes to talk/share a subject that is important to them. So it can happen that we do a Parasha on one Shabbat and on the other we take another subject. We have time to talk and play games outside after the study. Last Shabbat a delegation from Germany was with us.

It didn’t go well with many people, but only with a few who are growing from children into more of the biblical identity. We also, Kees, Yahnathan and I grew into more knowledge, understanding, wisdom, and love. We are very solid in our faith, unity in our household, and pleasure to be a little family of three.

We have connections to several groups of people and where we are we can share what comes up spontaneously. John 14:26 is very important to us.

Although a part of people went from active to passive regarding biblical identity, another part is still on track. In the Netherlands and in Europe. It was very important how we received knowledge. Was it by revelation or was it by knowledge alone? When we receive truth, we need to understand that we practice keeping faithfulness, keeping in touch with mishpacha, and no compromising based on human thoughts.

We have seen emerging deception and the only thing we need is to stay close to the Father and Yeshua in the center of our life. Then we understand spiritual things.

I need to give thanks to Kees who supports me in everything about B’ney Yosef, faith, and my mission/calling. He also has been supportive of Yahnathan. Kees was with me at the follow-up conference at Memmingen, Gees, and the other two Congresses B’ney Yosef National Summits.

Greetings and blessings to all our mishpacha over there,

Hadassah W. Drost

B’Ney Yosef Netherlands

B’Ney Yosef Europe Coordinator

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