In the most unexpected places, we have witnessed the awakening and understanding of יהוה

(YHVH) precepts.

A seed of people is being gathered together that desire to enthrone the King of Kings over  their lives.

This seed of people is easily recognized in heart and deed by their behavior, “you will know them by their fruit.”

Our autistic daughter has taught us behavior = communication. Our behavior is communicating our identity and the identity of our King.

King David’s behavior communicated who he was and who his King was. Objecting to Goliath crossing the King’s boundary revealed King David’s identity and identified the enthroned King of the Universe and His boundary markers.

King David’s understanding of identity supplied his confidence to stand against his enemies.

Confidence to take a stand grows as the understanding of our identity and the identity of our King and His boundaries increases.

Taking a stand in support of the poor, the widow, the orphan, and those in need is behavior communicating Kingdom identity and lights the path that leads to everlasting life.

While examining an 80/20 rule presentation, we noted 20% of desired thinking should always accompany 80% of thankful thinking. So…

Abba, thank you for awakening our understanding of your precepts. We desire to enthrone you as King of Kings over every area of our lives. Empower us with the gifts of your Holy Spirit so we can understand your identifying markers. May the confidence revealed in our behavior communicate your identity.

Mark and Polly Webb

BYNA Elders


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