Have you noticed that there is a spirit of contention in our nation right now?  

I have been trying hard to not get caught up in the divisiveness all around us.  For the last month, I have been listening to a wonderful teaching about being in the Father’s Presence and spending time getting to know His heart.  I was about to write a comment expressing how much I have enjoyed this teaching on the YouTube channel, when I saw an extremely condemning comment. The writer wrote about Utah’s governor who asked the people in our state to fast and pray because of our drought.  In the writer’s mind, because we are a heavily Mormon state, and our governor is a Mormon as well, the god that we will be praying to is not the same God as other believers.  This fellow went on to say more derogatory comments about the state of Utah, and then he said he hates all  the governors in the West.  

It took me a few hours to calm down.  Having been raised as a Mormon until I was 11, I do not ever recall being taught about a different God or Jesus, other than the one in the Bible.  We heard Bible stories all the time in Sunday School and Primary.   I memorized scriptures from the King James Version.   Where did this concept that the Mormons serve another God come from?  

Another thing, I think it is very wrong to lump people into boxes, such as “the Mormons” or the “Catholics” or the “Blacks”, or the “Native Americans”, or the “Jews.”  Usually when someone is talking about a group of people that way, it is derogatory and judgmental.  Oftentimes, they may not even know one person from the group they are condemning.  

So, here I catch myself complaining about the complainers.  Trying to fight fire with fire.

Father, I choose to forgive that man who made those condemning, judgmental comments about our governor and state.  I don’t know his story or where he is coming from, but You do.  I bless him and his family.  I pray that he may get to know some of the wonderful people who live in our state.  May we all have your heart and love for each person you bring in our path.  May we be so full of your love, that we see individuals, and not “groups.”  May we be ambassadors of reconciliation wherever we go, spreading your love and good news.  Amen!


Joie Conrad

BYNA Elder


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