David said in Psalms 51:10 “Create in me a clean heart…Lev tahor bara li…”  

This man had already lived a life that most would evaluate as “Clean,” choosing to walk uprightly in the eyes of Elohim and of men.  But David knew what the real man was and chose not to be content with that character.   He presented himself before Yah to be recreated, renewed, and restored to a higher level of a righteous walk.


The invitation he made to Yah was for Him to create/bara a new, clean heart. The original usage of this word “bara” is found in B’reshith/Genesis 1:1 when Elohim created the heavens and the earth. He did so by speaking the existing world into reality. Is it not then reasonable to consider that to create a new heart within us that He would do so by the act of speaking His Word into us?


While it is easy to develop the pattern of reading the Scriptures to simply read the Scriptures, and that routine has some merit of its own, there is also an opportunity to read His Word for the desired purpose of being changed. The Word has the power to reveal what is untrue, what is impure, what is outside of Yah’s character, and what is possible for us. When we realize that our conduct, our thoughts, or our reasoning are unholy, we can turn to the Word of Yah to hear His Voice speak what heals and delivers. We can also hear the Voice of the Creator calling forth something new. We can indeed have a new heart, a new seat of reasoning and understanding, a renewed place of pure motivations, and a renewed inward mind of righteous yearnings.


You simply can’t replace meaningful, heartfelt prayer taking place after reading His Word and being challenged to renew and restore the inward man. Like David, cry out for more, not being satisfied with whatever level you have already obtained.


Barry Phillips

BYNA Elder


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