It was a 5 minute task. We were 45 minutes early to meet up with some friends about a 20-minute drive down the dusty trail.

“Mark, get the drill and screws. Let’s quickly get this shelf put up before we leave.”

2 hours later… frustrated, patience gone, tempers present, words flying, little ears listening, shelf crooked, we are on our not so merry way.

We met our friends with apologies. Their loving kindness brought needed refreshment to our souls. 

Returning to the ranch, our dear friend R had just arrived. Knowing R was a handyman, we greeted him with the welcoming words, “We so needed your gifts this morning!”

We began to share with him the story of our crooked shelf. He listened quietly then asked, “Did you pray before you started the job or when you ran into difficulties did you stop and pray? By doing so, you acknowledge that you are looking to YHWH for wisdom and the ability to do all things big and small.”

Time stood still for a moment. NO, we had not stopped to pray before taking on such a “small” task. 

Mighty One of Israel, forgive us for neglecting to pray and acknowledge that it is You we look to for the wisdom and ability to accomplish the large and the little.

Abba, pour out your strength and your wisdom upon us in all we set our hands to do!

Today’s project came out a little crooked and we are perfectly happy with it. We prayed before starting and are confident that it is just the way it was supposed to turn out.

Mark and Polly Webb

BYNA Elders


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