Can anyone relate?

Never ending ‘to do” lists, laundry, paperwork, counter crumbs, mopping, sweeping, dusting, fingerprints, animals, weeds, a garden, home and auto maintenance, community projects, obligations, responsibilities, errands, grocery shopping, meal preparations, meetings, doctor appointments, schedules, phone calls, children, spouses, friends, family, places to travel, people to meet, so many places to see …”LIFE”.

Our phone rang, just before midnight. It was an urgent call for prayer from a family member, sudden tragedy had struck; a child has just entered eternity.

Interesting how “LIFE” suddenly stood still. The reminder of how fragile, delicate, and precious life is surrounded us.

Questions without answers, silent time to think, priorities rearranged, a wakeup call for personal change.

Only our Creator knows what each sunset and sunrise holds for each of us, no promises are made for tomorrow. The present is a gift.

Forgive us, Abba, for allowing the action of LIFE to control our lives. Help us to control the action, living in the moment giving thanks continually for the gifts around us while being attentive to You for guidance and direction.

Help us to be prepared for what each moment holds so we close each day with no regrets, knowing you are Master over all.

We place you as King over our lives. 


Mark and Polly Webb

BYNA Elders


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