Recently at a weekend men’s retreat, the Lord woke me up at 2:30am with a scripture verse and the song with the same words I used to sing 35 years ago. 

It was Gal 2:20 “I’ve been crucified with Christ, nevertheless I live, yet not I but Christ lives in me….” 

He then began to speak to me, and for two hours I typed as much as I could capture on my phone with one finger under the covers, because I didn’t want to wake up my roommate. 

This is mainly what He said, “You are to give your testimony for the purpose of encouraging others to go deeper with Me, for there are some here who need to hear it. This is only for a few at this time. There will be more later.” He spoke gently yet firmly. He impressed upon me that in a very small way compared to Yeshua, I would be setting an example to point them to Yeshua’s example of humility in laying down His life. 

He reminded me that I am a leader. Then He said, “Leadership is leading in dying.” I said, “How far do you want me to go into my story?” He said, “How far do you need to go? You have prayed to be free many times… this is the way.” 

I knew what He was saying, but I DID NOT want to do this, because there were things in my past that I thought I would take to my grave. Then He said, “Do you want to give the enemy a black eye? Do you want to get in the fight?” I thought of Yeshua conquering death and ha’satan because of His obedience unto death. 

I wrestled all that day and the next. I didn’t sweat any drops of blood, but I sure did struggle with what to do. I was leaning toward dumping the whole thing, but after two very clear confirming random prophetic words given to me, they not knowing what the Lord had previously said, I knew I had no choice. 

So I gave my testimony and not only was the response amazing, highlighted with love, acceptance, hugs, tears, etc, but the Lord did a miracle in my life! He set me free! And He revealed my true name and identity, and did it in a way that was totally unexpected. 

This whole story is way too long for this article, but the main point in writing this is to encourage everyone to be obedient even when you know the Lord is asking you to do something difficult. Perhaps He will bless your socks off with some amazing and unexpected things!

 I’m writing this on Shabbat so Shabbat Shalom and Blessings!


Tommy Wilson

BYNA Family Reunion Director


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