On occasion, Mark speaks about flushing toilets with our community.

Living in a large multigenerational home, one particular room in our home is visited frequently through the day, some days there is a waiting line at the door.

Teaching moments often occur in our home in unusual places and at inconvenient times, here is how this teaching moment began:

One day upon walking into the particular room, Mark discovered a big surprise someone had left behind, so he called everyone in for an immediate urgent family meeting. With the show and tell in sight, he began to explain Deuteronomy 23:12-14, protocol on how to properly relieve yourself in the camp.

It was a memorable moment for all, resulting in personal change. Everyone agreed to do their best to keep our home set apart.

Recently, while sitting in a quiet place, another teaching moment presented itself. It was coming from the trash can beside me. I realized it contained feminine disposable items and a soiled diaper. I asked myself, how long  is it okay for these items to be in our home before being removed? Should they be taken out immediately? By the end of the day?

Abba, help us to keep your word in mind when disposing of these items. We desire our homes  to be set apart.

Be inspired to look for opportunities for teaching moments that result in personal change in the  most unexpected places!

Polly Webb

BYNA Elder


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