I have been in the Hebraic roots movement for 7 years and have attended a variety services, teachings, and fellowships, many have been encouraging and uplifting, but none have left me with the sense of being a part of a community, a family, like the one that B’ney  Yosef recently held.  I was more than surprised to see and fellowship with the wonderful folks from all over South Carolina and even some from the surrounding states, as well as the local followers of YESHUA. The praise was from the hearts of the redeemed, The worship was in Spirit and Truth, and the fellowship made me look forward to the New Jerusalem. I think anyone that can attend one of these reunions will also find them as encouraging as all of us did. My only regret is that I have to wait four months before the next one in Charlotte. I pray that your ministry will be blessed and that you will be able to fulfill your mission of bringing the family members together for a time of refreshment and encouragement. Please continue to keep me up to date on any events that B’ney Yosef may be hosting or involved with in the future.