Isaiah 57:15


The name Kadosh means one whose realm is set apart from the habitual, the profane, and even the common. It means set apart from the rest, sacred, distinct, and only one of its kind. That is why it is simply amazing that the Creator whose name is Kadosh – who dwells on a high and holy place would dwell with you and me. 


But that’s what it says in His word in this verse of Isaiah. It says that the high and exalted one whose name is Kadosh and lives forever, dwells on a high and holy place AND with the contrite and broken in spirit in order to revive the broken in spirit and the heart of the contrite. That means He dwells with you and me. 


But He doesn’t just hang out with us when everything is going well in our lives. He dwells with us when we are broken in spirit and have contrite hearts. 


A contrite heart is a repentant, remorseful and regretful heart. It is part of the process of true repentance. Those broken in spirit are humble, acknowledging their wrongs and having a desire to make things right with others and with God. 


This year I began the process of doing a personal inventory of my life. This is not only a timeline of my life in scrapbook form with pictures, personal journaling, and artwork, it is also a time for a searching and fearless inventory of my personality characteristics, the cause of those characteristics and the effects that they have had on others. 


If one is honest in this process, it will bring you to your knees. Believe me, it is not for the faint of heart. I can find many activities to distract me from my goal of taking an honest look at myself. 


My greatest regrets of how my actions have affected others are always in the area of my children. I see their strengths and I see their weaknesses. Strengths and weaknesses are common to all of us that call ourselves human. I see them struggling with life, and I also see the fingerprints of my character defects and self-will are all over them. Although they may not even remember my shortcomings or simply offer me grace for where I failed to hit the mark, I know I have been responsible. Simply put I failed them in those areas. 


I know this not because of self-depreciation or self-condemnation and it is not the accuser of my soul. It is the still small voice of the One whose name is Kadosh who is calling me to repentance and calling me to make things right with my children and others I have harmed. 


To make things right does not just mean saying “sorry.” It means to make a living amends by turning in the correct direction towards living my life differently with them by restoring to them my corrected behavior and attitudes.  


It is comforting to know that while in this process of brokenness as I weep over my sins and shortcomings with a truly repentant heart, that the Lord hears my cries and moves towards me to be with me through the process. The last part of the verse says that He revives those of contrite hearts and broken spirits. Because HE not only is with me, but He has compassion for me, He restores my soul and brings His Kadosh-ness to me. 


Prayer for the Day: Father, I kneel before you today asking you to show me the characteristics in me that you wish to correct and bring into your alignment. As I experience your holiness in that correction, may I also experience your compassion and lack of condemnation for my shortcomings. May I take confidence in knowing that you are close to those with a contrite heart and broken in spirit and that you not only rush to my aid when I am humbly and truly repentant, you also rush to the aid of those that I have harmed because of the defects in my personhood. Amen


Qaumaniq Suuqiina

BYNA Elder


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