Yeshua instructs us to come to Him like a child, to “turn and become like children” in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. (See Matt. 18:2-5; Mark 10:13-16)

What does it mean to “turn and become like children”?

There are many attributes that we would apply in general to children.  For example, children tend to be optimistic, imaginative, eager, teachable, and innocent. Most of the time, children are characterized by a trusting nature. They trust others and themselves and the world around them.

What would it take for us to trust again?

Are there aspects of your life that need adjustment for trust to become real for you?  Are there memories you should consider setting aside?  Or perhaps you need to examine them more closely and take redemptive action?

In particular, meditate on what it means to TURN and become like children.

What direction are you going? Do you need to TURN?

Father is calling us to become like children. 

Are you ready?


Ed Boring

BYNA Elder


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