We had attended the B’ney Yosef Congress in Ariel Israel a couple of years ago. It was our first. We enjoyed that time very much. Particularly meeting and getting to know people from all over the world that identify as B’ney Yosef. We have many continuing relationships from that time.

Our time with the North America group in Mesa was very much the same. Particularly when we found our dear friend Hadassah from Holland there. What a great surprise. Then finding Hanoch Young there also was another blessing. This gathering was beginning to feel like the international gathering.

Celesta was particularly pleased to find that there were Native Americans speaking also. She has Cherokee heritage on her mom’s side. They gave everyone a wonderful taste of their culture. Their understandings about respect for one another and particularly the elders are something that has for the most part been lost in the modern American culture. When I was young in the 1940s and ’50s, respect for your elders was not optional. It was mandatory.

We just want to say that every speaker was exceptional. The theme of unity was perfect. We can’t survive without unity.

We made many new friends and saw many friends from the previous gathering. It was all a joy. We would consider it a great success.

I was asked to say a little bit about how I feel about what is going on in the family. We may have a more international view than some because of the amount of time we spend in Israel. This will be our third year to do all the feasts in Jerusalem. I can’t explain what a blessing and a joy that is. What we would call our Jerusalem family consists of people from multiple nations and religions. Mostly all Torah followers, but a lot of Christians as well. Also, Orthodox Jews, secular Jews, Messianic Jews and Jews that have accepted Y’shuah that don’t fit in any of those boxes.

What is interesting to me is that no one seems to be concerned that everyone is in different places. We can sit around in groups and discuss and share scriptures about our beliefs and no one gets emotional or upset. The joy of learning together sets the positive mood.

In America, Torah followers are very sectarian. When Y’shuah was here; they were also. Judaism is very sectarian. Christianity, I believe wins the award with around 43,000 denominations.

How does all this division come about? Well, in family there are only two different seeds. Those that divide (Satan’s objective) and those that unite (Y’shuah’s objective). According to the six abominations and the seven things YHWH hates (Proverbs 6:16-19). The first five consume the whole body and the last two are a false witness that divides the brethren. What is interesting is that if you bring this up in a divided group, both sides are excited. Why? They both think the other is the divider.

This brings me to what I think the belief of Avraham is. Avraham, and I’ll add Job into this crowd, believed that YHWH was the source of all that exists in the heavens and on the earth. He is in 100% control of His creation 100% of the time. If a person truly believes this, they will have Shalom. That Shalom is the light we should be displaying to the nations. It is not our job to judge. Torah judges and at the mouth of two to three witnesses it sometimes is necessary to remove someone from a congregation. This not the type of division that is wrong.

Y’shuah told the sons of thunder, when they wanted to call fire down on a city that didn’t welcome them in, “you don’t know what spirit you are of, I didn’t come to judge but to save”. We are His right hand till He returns so guess what our job is. Condemning and judgmental people are not a light. Did Avraham qualify you to stay with him? Was he concerned with which moon you followed? The sojourners he welcomed were most likely not religious at all but when they left, they would have a good feel for what it is like to be around a child of the Most High.

If we busy ourselves with being a light, realizing YHWH is in 100% control, then we can capitalize on the situations He brings us into, knowing these encounters are not by accident. When we are connected with Him, His Spirit can flow through us, and His Spirit will never cause us to operate with negativity.

I clearly heard a voice once and it said, “what is wrong with my people is that they are looking for what is wrong”. This means we are not happy with what He has given to us. Let’s look for what is “right” (of good report)!