BYNA Newsletter Special Edition! (May 15, 2017)

Special Edition

BYNA Vision and Mission

Watching the Baby Grow:

An Update on B’Ney Yosef North America

Albert J. McCarn

A good friend of B’ney Yosef North America recently observed that the best thing people can do for BYNA right now is to let the child grow.

He is right. This child we call BYNA is barely over a year old, and like all children it is developing at its own pace. Somewhere there is a balance between protecting and nurturing the child, while simultaneously expanding the little one’s horizons and bringing challenges that encourage growth.

That is the balance which our Elders and Executives seek to achieve. Finding it has been more difficult than one might imagine. The first year of our existence has required us to learn to communicate with one another. That in itself is no easy task, but it becomes more complicated when the process involves 16 highly qualified, dedicated, godly people spread out over the United States and Canada who speak different languages. Oh, we all speak English, of course, but the English we use is colored by our backgrounds and experience in ministry, congregational leadership, business, government, military, non-profit service, industry, education, and more.

What that means is that even though we have very big ideas, we have had to spend much of our time and energy getting to know one another so we can negotiate a common understanding of BYNA’s purpose and how to achieve that purpose. Those who attended the 2017 Summit in Mesa, Arizona, witnessed the culmination of that process. We marked the end of our first year with a recommitment to the calling YHVH placed on each of us, and to one another as our mishpocha (family).

So what is our purpose? How nice that you have asked! After prayerful deliberation, we are glad to share our Vision and Mission:

BYNA VISION: The regathering and reconciliation of the North American portion of the House of Yosef/Ephraim (Northern Israel).

BYNA MISSION: To inspire and strengthen relationships, communities, and support networks by encouraging and communicating unity and brotherhood among a family that has been scattered and exiled for over 2700 years.

BYNA Core Values

Those who have wondered what BYNA is all about, or how to explain this strange new organization, now have an answer. For those who wonder why it has taken so long, we offer an apology, and by way of explanation can only say that such a momentous Kingdom of God undertaking requires considerable deliberation in prayer and in consultation with one another.

One reason we have deliberated so long and so carefully is to avoid giving the impression of something BYNA is not. For example:

BYNA is not a political organization intended to establish an Ephraimite government in exile.
BYNA is not a lobbying organization intended to influence the government of Israel or any other government.
BYNA is not a denomination built on a specific set of doctrines.

This list of what we are not is lengthy; we have spent the past year explaining this to the curious, the hostile, and the guardedly optimistic. What we would rather do is demonstrate what we are: an organization dedicated to the awakening of Hebrew identity among the people of YHVH, and the promised reunion of the non-Jewish part of Israel with our Jewish brethren who have remain the core of the YHVH’s covenant nation. We are dedicated completely to Yeshua of Nazareth, whom we understand to be the Messiah by whom we are redeemed and included in covenant relationship with the Almighty. It is by his atoning work that we have a part in the Commonwealth of Israel as the returning “Lost Sheep of the House of Israel”.

Yes, we do believe we are part of the returning House of Joseph/Ephraim, the non-Jewish portion of the nation of Israel. As our Articles of Declaration explain, we base this belief solidly on Scripture. It is this Israelite/Hebrew identity which informs not only our Vision and Mission, but also our Core Values:

BYNA Strategies

BYNA CORE VALUES: Our core values reflect our commitment to promote unity, peace, and harmony among those who belong – and who will belong – to our House and to the House of Judah. These core values come from our foundational document, the Articles of Declaration:

Obedience (Article 1)
Humility/Integrity (Article 2)
Harmony (Article 3)
Reconciliation (Article 4)
Graciousness/Meekness (Article 5)
Patience/Honor (Article 6)
Trustworthiness (Article 7)
Mutual Respect (Article 8)
Community (Article 9)

Now that we understand who we are, it is our duty to live this out. That brings us to the next challenge: what exactly are we to do? We have some ideas. Mind you, they are for the most part ideas on the drawing board which will take years to mature, but some are already in operation in a modest way:

BYNA STRATEGIES: We believe YHVH has called us to see the vision of BYNA become reality by working to accomplish our mission within the parameters of our core values. The strategies we will use to do this are:

National Shabbat
Local, regional, and national facilitators
Support widows, orphans, and needy program
Outreach Program

You can expect more communication about these strategies as we move forward. Another thing we understand about watching a child grow is that the parents have an obligation to send out baby pictures and announcements to the family and friends who have a vested interest in seeing the child develop properly. That is our commitment to you. We already have an email newsletter published regularly, which you may sign up to receive for free. We are considering other forms of engaging the public, such as a social media presence, and perhaps even a radio program. These and other initiatives will let you know how BYNA is doing, and invite you to come alongside help as the Father provides opportunity.

What’s Next? What Can We Do?

One need we do have right now is donations to meet our financial obligations. They are modest obligations at the moment, but we do have expenses that we must meet on a monthly basis. For that reason, we ask for your prayerful consideration of a gift, either recurring or one time. Gifts can be made online at our website at:

Finally, we do ask for your prayers, and for your consideration of stepping up to help in the near future. We have an active team of intercessors who are praying regularly for BYNA, and we welcome all who would like to join this team. As we grow, we will have need for skilled volunteers in many fields, and for leaders who are able to help coordinate our regional organizations as we are ready to expand. If you would like to learn more about current opportunities, or have your name on a list for future consideration, please contact us by email at

Indeed, our child is alive and well. Join us in helping it grow!