This week’s interview portion of Reunion Roadmap visits with our youngest guest to date. We go to Greenwood, South Carolina to interview 21-year-old Gunnar Rambo. Gunnar shares with our audience how he was guided into the nursing profession by the Heavenly Father, and the challenges of serving as a medical professional. Young adults will be encouraged by this interview. Gunnar testifies that if you seek the Father with all your heart, He will guide and direct your paths. Lenny and Varda Harris share with us a song entitled “The Two Branches,” from the album The Hope of All Israel, available at In addition, Jimmie Black shares with us from his album Yahweh Reigns a song called “Restore the Joy,” available at In the midrash portion, BYNA Elders David Jones and Barry Phillips discuss how many times conflicts arise during the appointed times. Many times the Father uses these times to expose what is in our hearts. Allow the Ruach HaKodesh to move on your hearts during this discussion.

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