The Joy of the Lord is my strength…


What about when you are facing the possibility that the growth on your lungs is cancerous? What about when your child chooses to turn to the world rather than to our King? What about when you lose your spouse to death or divorce? What about when you lose your job and have no prospects for another? What about when you are forced to be/act in a way that you don’t agree with? What about … the list goes on and on. 


I was reminded this week that we are not promised a life of ease, pleasure, prosperity, or health BUT we are promised that He walks with us and will fight our battles, if we will let Him. 


Many times, Adonai told the Children of Israel to STAND STILL and watch as He delivered them. How many times do we strive to step in and “help” Him fight the battle? We are reminded that it is in quietness and waiting on Him that we are renewed. 


Today, whatever the battle, He is in control. He fights for ME. I cannot wait for the pain, hurt, and fear to go away before I choose to be joyful in Him. It is my choice …. What about you? What do you choose in the midst of the pain, hurt, and fear?


Julia Johnson

BYNA Admin Council


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