Evangelism, Historically and Hysterically

A few months ago I saw a 2 year old on YouTube. He was reported to be a preacher’s son. They gave him the mic up on the stage behind the pulpit and he paced back and forth across the stage yelling like a Pentecostal preacher. It was cute. He couldn’t really talk yet, but he had the sounds and inflections down. He sounded just like many Pentecostal   [ Read more... ]

Heresy in the Hebrew Roots Movement?

Back in the 1960s and ʻ70s, the big hair days, men and male teens began to grow their hair long. This, of course, was an anathema to their parents and because of this, long hair came to be considered a show of rebellion. Rebellion is a bad attitude, but long hair may or may not signify what people thought it did. My father tells of a board meeting   [ Read more... ]

Position on the Articles of Declaration


B’ney Yosef is a diverse nation of Torah observant believers who have been alienated from our brother Yehuda for the greater part of two millennia. Coincidental with this alienation, we have been fragmented in our own doctrines and our dispersion among the nations of the world. We should not lose sight of the fact that our dispersion is a direct   [ Read more... ]

Our Baby is Alive and Well! (A Report on the Growth of B’ney Yosef North America)

04-01 BYNA Summit - Crowd Shot

Parents know very well that the excitement of a child’s birth fades very quickly as reality of life with a newborn infant sets in. After the ordeal of labor and delivery, the rapid passage of news by phone calls and Facebook posts, and the welcome of a seemingly endless stream of family and friends, a rather dull routine sets in. Much to the   [ Read more... ]

Today I Am A Hebrew.


"Today I Am A Hebrew: An Address to the B’ney Yosef North America Summit" Those who have attended a birth understand the chaos involved. It is no easy process, and not accomplished without pain. Source: thebarkingfox.com/2016/03/07/today-i-am-a-hebrew-an-address-to-the-bney-yosef-north-america-summit/