Why Israel?

Such a tiny spot of land, Israel is. Yet so hotly contested. The Center of the World. Throughout history, peoples have fought, conquered, and built upon this slice of ground. Why is that? It’s because it’s not just dirt. It’s the Land where it all began. Where the Lord God of all Creation established His Name. Of all the places throughout all of His Creation, He chose the spot we now call Israel. Which, not coincidentally, bears the name of His people Israel.

There are many scriptures in the Bible that describe how He will return His people to His Land. You may already be familiar with the chapters in Ezekiel and Amos. Did you realize that this prophecy has been unfolding before our eyes for decades with the return of the Jewish people?

Many of us here at B’ney Yosef North America have visited the Land of Israel. We have tasted of her fruits, placed our feet upon her ground, felt the warmth of her sun, and perhaps, most impressive of all, we have received the blessings of the generous hospitality of her people. Who, by the way, considers themselves to be one of the stars in our flag.

It’s been said that no one goes to Israel without first being invited. These adventures, these stories, may you consider them to be your official invitation to experience for yourself the blessings of this beautiful Land. We hope you enjoy.

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