We are pleased to provide resources for children to assist parents and homeschoolers in their exploration of the Torah walk.

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The Jewish Children’s Learning Network. Helping kids learn the hero’s and traditions of their faith.  (http://www.akhlah.com)

Bible Pathway Adventures. Our mission is to help parents and educators around the world disciple their children in a fun and engaging way. How do we do this? With our free printable activities and Activity Books – all designed to help educators just like you teach children a Biblical faith.  (https://biblepathwayadventures.com)

Bimbam. Animated series for Jewish kids and the people who love them. (https://www.bimbam.com/kids-family/)

Challah Crumbs.  Crafts, printables, recipes (http://www.challahcrumbs.com)

Torah Explorers is designed for use by ages approximately 10 years old and up; however, the youngest in this range may still need some adult assistance.  (https://hoshanarabbah.org/parshiot.html)

One Torah For All. Worksheets for children to help them learn about Torah and the ways of YHWH. (http://www.onetorahforall.com/childrensTorah.html)

Seven Lamps Ministries. Delightful tools to help write the word of YHVH on children’s hearts. (https://sevenlampsministries.com/products-and-prices)

Torah Family Living. Helping you build a solid foundation for your family, starting with the Torah and culminating in the life and ministry of Yeshua, our Savior. Resources to help you grow spiritually as a family. (https://www.torahfamilyliving.com)

Torah Family. We love to produce teachings for the whole family and our children have joined us in providing teachings for children; teachings dealing with important topics, just from a child’s perspective. Our family is so blessed to be able to serve you and we hope you and your children are blessed by these teachings. (https://torahfamily.org/for-children-by-children/)

Two Trees in the Same Yard. Follow the lives of Dylan and the two acorns mommy planted in their yard as they all learn the most important lessons in life. (https://www.amazon.com/Trees-Same-Yard-Rebecca-Hazelton/dp/0578726548/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=two+trees+in+the+same+yard+rebecca+hazelton&qid=1639161361&sr=8-1

You Can’t Hug a Porcupine. A tool to help children learn about boundaries and how to establish them. (https://indigenousmessengers.com/QSstore.htm)


Grapevine Studies. Bible studies for kids and teens. Easy to teach. Fun to learn. (https://www.grapevinestudies.com)

Homeschooling Torah. Essential curriculum, support, and fellowship you need to homeschool your entire family from the Scriptures, with tools you can just pick up and use each day. Best of all, your curriculum can be firmly based on the Written Torah, pointing to Yeshua as Messiah. (https://homeschoolingtorah.com)

Nothing New Press. The ancient paths are of paramount importance to the education of our children.  Our books and curriculum materials emphasize the knowledge of the history of mankind and Western Civilization, beginning with the first historical act of import, God’s creation of the universe out of nothing. (https://www.nothingnewpress.com)

Restoring The Way. Messianic homeschooling is not a substitute for public school or private school. The goal of schools (both public and private) is to train up students with good grades who will one-day secure good jobs and teach their children to do the same. The schools which produce students who have completed a college degree program are ranked and receive recognition for producing students who go on to become successful in the world’s eyes. The primary goal of Messianic homeschooling is to instill wisdom in the hearts and minds of our children. We want our children to be successful in the Lord’s eyes. (http://restoringtheway.org/messianic-homeschooling/)