Reunion Roadmap 11/23/2019

Reunion Roadmap 11/23/2019

Looking for fellowship in the Greenville, South Carolina, area? Try Grafted Together, a new congregation meeting in the town of Marietta. Grafted Together grew out of a home fellowship facilitated by Aaron and Rebekah Bishop. Aaron is our guest for the next three shows, sharing with us the story of their faith walk and the establishment not only of Grafted Together, but their teaching and community service ministry, Darash Chai.

Along with Aaron, we have a midrash by David Jones and Barry Philips on the question of Faith or Emotion, as well as the music of Lenny & Varda and Melody Joy Cloud.

Aaron’s congregation, Grafted Together Fellowship, and his ministry, Darash Chai (Seek Life), are both on Facebook! Look them up there, or visit their websites:

Reunion Roadmap 11/23/2019

Reunion Roadmap 11/02/2019

We conclude our visit with Sister Georjean Allenbach, Beverly Hall, Donna Matts, and Barbara Wilkins with their final thoughts on the Nations 9th of Av.

In our midrash segment, David Jones and Barry Philips ask when it is appropriate to rebuke a brother. What promotes life and unity among the people of our Creator? The thread of unity and brotherly love is the theme that ties this show together, as we hear in the music of Eved Adonai and Melody Joy Cloud.

There are a number of topics covered in this show that you might want to investigate further. Here are some links that will be helpful: