B’ney Yosef (Children of Joseph) North America is the expression on this continent of the global Hebrew/Torah awakening as we embrace our identity as Israelites. Join us as we work together to regather and reconciliation of the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel in North America.

We are a varied group of believers in Yeshua/Jesus that believe in the restoration of the whole House of Israel, which must be preceded by a realization of our identity as the children of Joseph (B’ney Yosef), also known as Ephraim (formerly known as the northern Kingdom of Israel).

The Northern Kingdom of Israel, which had been conquered and carried into exile by the Assyrian Empire, had lost its identity but would one day, according to Scripture, regain that identity as the other House of the covenant nation of Israel and be rejoined to the House of Judah.

Hear what our brother Judah is saying about reuniting with Ephraim:

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