B’ney Yosef North America

The regathering and reconciliation of the North American portion of the House of Yosef/Ephraim (Northern Israel).

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The most repeated prophecy in Scripture is….

the calling of God’s covenant people out of the nations and the reunification of the whole House of Israel. Jeremiah proclaims this in his prophecies of the Greater Exodus (Jeremiah 16:14-16, 23:5-8) and the New Covenant (Jeremiah 31). Ezekiel explains it in the context of YHVH giving His people a new, circumcised heart (Ezekiel 11:14-21, 36:22-32), and in the visions of the Dry Bones and Two Sticks (Ezekiel 37). Isaiah speaks of Israel’s tribes again living together in peace under Messiah Son of David (Isaiah 11), and Hosea tells of YHVH showing mercy on His people after their exile in the nations (Hosea 1:10-11, 2:23).

The Jewish part of the nation – the House of Judah – has already answered the call and regained its national existence in the modern State of Israel. Yet there remain many more Israelites scattered in the nations who are not Jews. These Israelites are part of the House of Joseph (Yosef), also identified in Scripture as Ephraim, and throughout the ages as the Ten Lost Tribes.

For over 2730 years the Ten Tribes have wandered the earth with no national existence and little understanding of their identity. The Bible is clear, however, that they will regain their identity and join with Judah in the days when Messiah comes as King of all Israel to sit on the throne of David.

The awareness of Israelite, or Hebrew, identity is dawning on multitudes on every continent. Most of these Hebrews are disciples of Messiah Yeshua (Jesus Christ) who are awakening to the truth of God’s Torah, its application to their lives, and its purpose as the foundation of God’s covenants with the people of Israel.

The Torah Awakening among Christians is maturing into an awakening to our identity as Israelites. This identity is firmly grounded in the covenantal promises of YHVH to our fathers Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and to the work of Messiah Yeshua in opening the way for the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel return (Genesis 12:1-3, 15:1-6, 26:1-5, 28:13-15; Matthew 15:24). Moreover, we know that the returning seed of Israel will bring multitudes with them from among the nations who will become full members of the nation (Isaiah 56:1-7; Ezekiel 37:1-28; Romans 11:11-32; Ephesians 2:11-22).

B’ney Yosef (Children of Joseph) North America is the expression on this continent of the global Hebrew awakening. Drawing on the inspiration of the First B’ney Yosef National Congress in Ariel, Israel in May 2015, BYNA was established in March 2016 with the vision of facilitating the regathering and reconciliation of the North American portion of the House of Yosef/Ephraim (Northern Israel).

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Reunion Roadmap 10/26/2019

Reunion Roadmap 10/26/2019

Part three in our four-part coverage of the Nations 9th of Av is the topic of our interview segment in this show as we continue our conversation with Sister Georjean Allenbach, Beverly Hall, Donna Matts, and Barbara Wilkins. What is it that has hindered good relations...

Reunion Roadmap 10/19/2019

Reunion Roadmap 10/19/2019

This week we continue our interview with Sister Georjean Allenbach, Beverly Hall, Donna Matts, and Barbara Wilkins as they tell us more about their recent visit to Jerusalem for the Nations 9th of Av in August 2019. Their stories unfold with more details of the events...

Reunion Roadmap 10/12/2019

Reunion Roadmap 10/12/2019

Psalm 133 tells us that it is good and pleasant for brothers to dwell together in unity. That's true about any brothers or sisters, but what if David the Psalmist was referring specifically to the relationship between Judah and Ephraim? That relationship was already...

Reunion Roadmap 9/28/2019

Reunion Roadmap 9/28/2019

Honoring our elders is the continuing theme in the first half of this show. We continue our visit to the Ebenezer Home in Haifa, Israel, the only retirement home in Israel for elderly disciples of Yeshua. David Phillips begins the segment by telling us about the...

The Holy and the Profane

    Photo by Ben White on Unsplash The holy and profane cannot coexist together. Either the holy consumes the profane, or if the holy is not a result of inner peace, the profane could corrupt one who appears to be holy. The mere existence of both in the same...

That vision has inspired BYNA

to adopt the mission of inspiring and strengthening relationships, communities, and support networks by encouraging and communicating unity and brotherhood among a family that has been scattered and exiled for over 2700 years.

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