Genesis 42:18, “… Do this and live, for I fear God.”

The word fear, (yare) can mean to be terrified or to treat with reverential obedience.

During the 40 days of personal change, may we be a people not terrified by what we hear and see. Instead, may we stand with a reverential obedient attitude knowing YHWH’s Living Word is coming to pass.

As we humbly submit and allow His Word to make the needed changes in us, we can resist temptation to be terrified by the things unfolding around us for we are the children of Avraham and heirs to his promise –

Genesis 15:1, “…Do not be afraid, Abram; I am shielding you; your reward shall be very great.”

YHWH, Thank You for being our shield and faithful to Your promises. 

Mark Webb

BYNA Elder

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