Our beloved brother Mark Dickerman passed away on Wednesday, January 26th, from a heart attack while working as a physical therapist and conducting water classes.  He was 65 years old. Mark was an elder at the House of Scripture congregation in Canton, Georgia. Mark and his wife Rhonda lived in Adairsville, GA, in the country in a century-old home with a large garden and his fabulous workshop. Mark was a jack-of-all-trades, having been in the Air Force as a mechanic and later working as a plumber for some years in Naples, Florida. Mark met his wife Rhonda in a local church there in Naples. They were married nearly 39 years and had two children and a grandson. 

Both Mark and Rhonda experienced a Hebrew Awakening after reading Bayta Wooten’s book “Who is Israel?” in 2003. They moved to North Carolina then to Georgia in 2010.  Mark had a full grasp of loving God. This made him so approachable, so affable, and so compassionate. For Mark, embracing Torah meant living a life of love.  

Mark was solution-oriented. He was patient with people and problems. Mark was a mentor to many, always in a gentle way and always with a smile.  Mark easily spent time talking with people and was never in a hurry to rush away to someone else. Our fellowship had two nicknames for Mark. The first was “Doc” because his job was helping people in physical therapy. The second was a related name, “The Surgeon”, for a completely non-medical reason. He could surgically dissect and explain the scriptures, accurately and delicately to anyone who asked a question of him. 

Mark was a bridge-builder and a peacemaker. A restorer of the breach between Judah and Israel.  Mark said things that inspired and challenged many. His insights were from his own heart and mind and were often deep and quotable. 

Gardening was one of Mark’s passions.  He talked about the many scriptural lessons learned from gardening. Lessons ranging from working the soil and planting the seed to protecting the plants from drought and pestilence in order that they might grow and bear fruit.  Mark took care of blueberries, fig and apple trees, and even grape vines, and learned the art of pruning so that his bushes, trees, and vines would continue to bear maximum fruit. He was currently thinking of letting his large garden area soil rest this year in honor of God’s laws of rest in the 7th year. In honor of Mark, Rhonda will let the garden rest this year.  

Both Mark and Rhonda shared together their passion for the restoration of the Two Houses of Israel.  They first traveled to Israel in 2007, then in 2014 they worked with HaYovel in the fields of the Shomron in the Vineyards and the Olive groves in the Land of the House of Israel.  They also partook of the fruit of Nir Lavi’s Har Bracha vineyards on the Mount of Blessing.  Both Mark and Rhonda returned to Israel for the 3rd National Congress of B’ney Yosef in 2018.   

Mark Dickerman chose life in YHWH and imparted his vast understanding of a life walked with the Ruach to us all. He was a wonderful example of leading everyone he touched to Yeshua. He was a Torah teacher with the length, breadth, and height of vision [Re’eh] to broaden understanding that penetrated the heart.  We celebrate Mark’s life, his testimony, and that he will receive the Crown of Righteousness. He ran the race and finished it well. And when the time comes, I have no doubts that the Father will say to Mark, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.” 

F. Scott Nickerson

A friend and brother of Mark

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