When Jeff Apthorp began to examine what the scripture says about the importance of God’s Torah, one theme kept coming to his attention: the pervasive promise of our Redeeming God to regather the dispersed remnant of Israel and all those joined to them. That theme inspired Jeff to create I Will Gather You Radio as a ministry of Founded in Truth Fellowship. He shares that inspiration with us in this second of our three-part visit with him.

The promise to regather all Israel is part of the covenant God initiated with Abraham, and renewed with subsequent generations of Hebrews. This is much more than a contract specifying the obligations and rewards for each party, as Barry Phillips and David Jones explain in their midrash called, “Contract or Covenant?” Entering into this covenant is a life-transforming journey, as we hear in the music of Jimmie Black and BIll Green .

To find out more about I Will Gather You Radio, and to download apps for both iPhone and Android, visit the website at https://iwillgatheryou.com/.

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